28110C-U Series

 28110C-U Series
Quick Overview

Product Features:

  • High Quality and Durability
  • 50,000 lb. capacity
  • Precision Forged 2 Speed Gearbox
  • Available in Standard Mount Orientations
  • Crank Handle and Connecting Shaft Included with Ordered Pairs
  • Meets or Exceeds TTMA and AAR Certifications and Recommendations
  • Cold Weather Packages Available
  • High Viscosity and Lubricity Grease

The Quasar series of Butler's trailer landing gear has an external, two-speed gearbox that is designed to provide both a fast drop time and heavy duty lifting power. For trailers that will see extended cold weather usage, Butler offers a thicker gearbox grease which helps to keep your landing gear operating smoothly and reliably. From loading to unloading and trailer storage, Butler's Quasar landing gear offers class leading features and a history of durability.

Look for the Butler Clover Leaf gear box design

Size: Heavy Duty Category:

Product Description

Model No. Low Gear Ratio High Gear Ratio Extended Length Retracted Length Static Load Capacity Lift Capacity Mounting Weight
28110C-U 32.3 Cranks/in. 4.5 Cranks/in. 52.18″ 32.5″ 170,000 lbs. 50,000 lbs. Standard8- Bolt 190lbs./pair