Slick Disc®

Slick Disc®
Quick Overview

Product Features:

  • Original Slick Disc Manufacturer
  • Universal Fit
  • Greaseless – No Mess
  • Durable, Long Lasting
  • Extends Front Tire Life
  • Gives Consistent Performance
  • Provides Safer Trailering
  • Made from UHMW Polyethylene
  • 32″ Diameter Super Slick Disc NOW AVAILABLE!

The Slick Disc, Super Slick Disc, and 5 Slider Slip Plate from Butler Products create a Universal solution for your 5th wheel trailer. The 5 slider plate lets you forget about the messy, dirty, never-ending job of greasing your 5th wheel. By simply welding it to your 5th wheel, you can achieve lower operating costs while gaining more consistent and safer trailing. The Slick Disc and Super Slick Disc attach to the trailer, helping to eliminate the need and expense of steam cleaning the tractor chassis. Avoid the potential dangers of a dry 5th wheel. Save time & money with the Slick Disc Products!

Size: Heavy Duty Category:

Product Description

Model No. Diameter (in.) Thickness (in.) Chamfered Edge Parts Included
Slick Disc Products
SD-003 32 3/16 N/A Retaining Ring
SD-004 24 3/16 N/A Retaining Ring
Super Slick Disc Products
SSD-007 32 1/4 Included Retaining Ring and Mounting Screws
5/S-005 N/A N/A N/A 2 – 5 Slider Slip Plates and Hardware